Gaming Industry for Ukraine campaign sets out to raise £250,000 for refugees

Several organisations within the gaming industry have come together to set up a GoFundMe campaign with the aim of raising money for the current Ukrainian crisis. 

The Gaming Industry for Ukraine aims to raise £250,000 ($333,000) for Choose Love’s Ukraine Crisis fundraiser. This sets out to support projects that are providing vital aid for the people most affected by Russia’s war on Ukraine. 

A Gaming Industry for Ukraine spokesperson commented: “We elected to support Choose Love after extensive research, as they can make use of the funds raised in the quickest and most efficient manner by assisting those who need it the most. We urge every company who can to join us in this effort.”

Choose Love’s fundraising is raising money for essential aid and services for those fleeing Ukraine. Items of particular necessity include medical care equipment, food, shelter provision, clothes, legal support, support for the LGBTQUA+ community as well as mental health support. 

But it isn’t just financial support that the organisations are reaching out for. They have also made an appeal for companies to donate leftover or unused merchandise, such as power banks, towels, water bottles and clothing, all of which will go towards the provision available to refugees who have had to leave behind their possessions.  

Based in Ukraine and commenting on the venture, Atlas CEO Sergei Efimenko said: “Many of our IT developers have joined the Territory Defence, and many others are helping to build protections on the streets. Where there were nice flowers and fountains, now we build anti-tank protection and positions for machine guns.

“But at the same time we as a company have obligations for our partners, so from different places in Ukraine, sometimes even from underground – wherever you can catch mobile internet or get a laptop – people are doing their job. People are getting used to living with alarms and explosions and spending nights in the underground.”

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